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Antigravity Batteries Discount

Use the Discount Code "DS10" for a 10% Discount


Starting Battery

Antigravity Batteries has changed the game again with our latest Lithium-Ion Car Batteries. The newest RE-START line of batteries offers built-in WIRELESS Jump-Starting! That means if your battery is ever discharged, simply press the button on our provided Keyfob, start the car, and drive away! No need for a Jump-Starter, or Roadside Assistance. You don’t even have to open the hood to access the battery, and can do it from the safety of sitting in your car! If you want to also track your battery status via Bluetooth, you can use the Lithium Battery Tracker.


Power Pack

The Antigravity PS-80 is our latest addition to our new Energy Storage line. The PS-80 is an extremely compact, lightweight Lithium-Ion Portable Power Station that offers a best-in-class 78,000mAh of capacity and boasts numerous output ports including a Pure Sine Wave AC outlet. Charge and power your electronics such as Cameras, Laptops, Fans, Camp Lighting, Mini Fridges and any other 24V, 12V or USB devices. The PS-80 even has Wireless Phone Charging!



Our best-selling and #1 rated jump starter in the USA got even better with our Micro-Start XP-10-HD. Perfect for mechanics and commercial or daily use. It includes the HEAVY DUTY Smart Clamps featuring All-Copper construction and larger, stronger jaw. The XP-10-HD is one of our MOST POWERFUL and TOP RATED Micro-Starts.

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