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Day trip to the Verde River. 112F

Day trips are nice. We all have responsibilities. Too many most likely. We can find 1,000 things on our To Do list that will keep us from feeding our adventurous spirit. That’s where a day, half day or even a couple hour trip comes in.

I knew where I would head. The closest river at the closest spot to Phoenix. As you’d expect, the 5th largest city in the US is going to crowd any available watering holes when it’s 112 outside. This is true, hence the park ranger at the dirt road saying that it’s full and you must turn around.

I said “We’re not going to the beach area I promise.” He asked where we were going then. I just said we’re going offroading other places. “So I wont see you parked at the beach area then??” He was skeptical and didn’t believe me. Some rangers know their area well, almost all of them in my experience get stuck babysitting users in the popular areas and don’t get to explore the land under their management. This is a spot I wont give up freely.

Off we went. Past the jam packed beach with music blaring and idjets on quads doing donuts in the sand kicking up dust.

We went over to a hill that, as you’d expect, is tougher than it looks in these photos.

Full tire pressure and sway bars on makes for some interesting grip. It either bit in or just slipped. No middle ground, but it worked out.

Just sketchy enough for some three wheel motion.

Then, off we went to the water through a Cholla field (The smaller light colored ones. The tall ones are Ocotillo). These cactus are some evil little suckers with barbed hooks. Once they are in you, they don’t want to come out. Best to have a hair pick to fling them out of your skin.

Yes, I think this will do nicely.

We could hear the loud music and engines revving, but just barely. Our spot had no one in sight on the shore or either direction on the river. This was perfect.

After swimming and some sandwiches I dunked the front of the truck. (for no reason except to get a photo for the Factor 55 guys who’s gear I appreciate)

And we were off. No more than an hour after leaving home, we were turning around and heading back. WAY too short, but completely worth it. My mind was reset and ready for more work on and around the house. Sigh....

Going down a spine of rock that has some boulders too big for me to drive over means some “creative” line choices. I hate to get into a tippy situation, but some times you have to. As the right front descended I started to turn into the roll, should it appear to start happening.

The sketchy moment.

The happy moment when you don’t have to debate on when/whether it’s time to turn hard right and give it some throttle. Success.

Well, like anything, a taste of something great can feed the soul, but also make you crazy with anticipation for the next big trip. So, I guess I’d better get back to work and make sure I can take some time off soon!


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