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Car Show Season, AZ: (Penske Racing, Carsncoffee)

I decided to ride the ol R50/5 around on Saturday. First to the Penske Racing Museum in Scottsdale, AZ. It’s flanked by all of the requisite fancy dealerships from Maserati, Ferrari, Porsche, Land Rover to Bentley and Lamborghini.

I think it fit in perfect! ;-)

You had your perfect classic Ferrari’s OF COURSE. Most of the cars here were registered in Montana to save on registration fees. Sort of funny, but I’m used to seeing that in AZ now.

Just look at that paint. WOW!

I wonder if these “knock off” wheels have ever been knocked off? I just can’t picture the owner using a big brass or lead hammer to wail on these to get them spinning. Hmm.

It’s just hard to picture this happening:

I gravitate to the older cars. You get desensitized by the newer ones. Sure a Bentley is neat, but not when you see 15 new ones in a row.

Testarossa with Cocaine white interior. Hell yah!

This Morgan wasn’t old, but it still grabs your attention.

He made it here and didn’t light on fire, so good for him.

I sorta lovehate 912's. They aren’t very reliable or powerful, but they sure are pretty.

Okay okay, a couple newer cars because, why not.

The museum is small, but great. Stop by and check it out during a cars and coffee sometime.

mmmmmm MGA.

Should all British cars have some green on them, yes, when possible!

Such beautiful lines.

Sexist car around.

ALWAYS carry a back up steering wheel, because.

Go on, hit it!

As with most cars and coffee people are always coming and going.

So, sometimes you take a hip shot photo.

I am falling in love with all P1800 Volvo’s.

Yes, this shall be the title photo, excellent old sticker.

I’m not normally a Corvette guy, but this one drew me over.


Next stop was a coffee shop I’d been wanting to go to. I met up with my buddy Jon on his similar newer year Slash 6. It’s called Four Till Four. It’s Porsche themed, but sorta car enthusiast themed in general.

Nico’s beautiful 356.

It’s all one original car. The different colors come from the prior owner sanding down the red to repaint it, spraying some primer and then never finishing. Now, I think he should just leave it like this forever. It’s unique.

Here is more info and another article:

Proudly serving Four Barrel Coffee 7105 E. First ave Scottsdale, Az Read on instagram.​com

From meeting Nico and Mia they seem like good people who’ll do well! It’s a great location and feel!


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