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Going Analog 2/2

Good morning!

Time to hit the road. Slowly. We refilled our Air Conditioning (A spray bottle from the dollar store. It works amazingly well) and headed out.

Spring has sprung or similar clever flower comment.

Just bouncing along, stopping at every bit of water we see. Temps were in the high 80's heading up so we made sure to enjoy any chance to stop and cool down.

Ever see an inordinate amount of signs along a road. Clearly, this one was once in higher use and better condition.

Next stop Horse Camp. I’d always wanted to stop and take the side trail to check it out. Cowboy Bill Helm has had books written about him, once showed Zane Grey around and seems to have been an all around respected feller around the Verde Valley.

He passed on recently so I was glad to be able to see some messages form the man himself regarding this horse camp which was built before the road even made it out this far.

Ready for the next group of horses to show up at any minute.

Have a seat, stay awhile.

We kept putting along enjoying the sites. We were now back onto more well traveled roads, but still, we hadn’t seen another vehicle since we hit dirt. Happiness looks a lot like this to me:


Once we got to Bloody Basin and then Cave Creek/7Springs the traffic started. It was solid. Dirt bikes, UTV’s sliding around corners on the wrong side of the road, some mountain bikers out for a ride. It’s all wonderful, but to go from 0 to traffic is quite the adjustment. We weaved around tourists in rental cars and generally frustrated ourselves with re-entering civilization. I turned on a little known side track up a wash and we unplugged one last time.

We decided it was time to use our backup compressor to make sure it actually works. I carry one of these cheapos in each vehicle as a last resort, but this one had never left it’s package. It was slow, but that’s okay. We sat in the creek and tried to pretend that the weekend wasn’t coming to a close.

Eventually, we hit the pavement and went back to normal life, until next weekend anyway...


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