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Exploring the wild coast of Baja!

In updates. Mi espanol is still muey mal. Yesterday a couple of cops tried to extort 8,000 pesos from us yesterday for nothing. Our Airbnb host who I hadn’t even met talked to the cops after we’d argued with them for a good half hour and made them let us go after a couple hundred pesos. Our last couple hundred in cash. Without cash we couldn’t get off the tollroad and Kelsey was going to have to walk several miles to an ATM to get cash since they don’t accept cards and then a stranger paid the estupido gringos toll for them. Then at the mall where we needed to get a new charging cord for K’s laptop the truck was too tall and they told us there is no other parking and we must leave. Sun going down... long day... half lost in this giant city. (Mexico City). Then the Valet says he’ll watch the car for us and we can park it right there. Even though Valet is ONLY for those eating at a fancy restaurant nearby.

Then we got to our Airbnb and it’s awesome. So, 2 bad policia’s flanked by 3 or more great strangers more than restores faith in humanity and this great country. So, don’t take this as bitching, but just one crazy day of our adventure that was too insane not to share.

In other news. Next video is up! We’re trying to get a couple backlogged this time while we have a roof over our heads, power in our laptops and wifi.

Oh, and we got stuck in the mud and almost rolled the truck 2 days ago leaving a sketchy camp spot we found when it started dumping rain. Pulled winchline etc all is well.

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