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My Favorite Women's Overland Camping Gear

Updated: Nov 29, 2020

Okay Ladies! I get asked a lot what my favorite products are and I am finally getting around to sharing some of them with you. Living in a truck can prove more complicated for females but I have found some products that make life easier. Mmost of these work for guys too but a few items are women specific. I really like them all and am excited to share these products with you. So let's jump in!

Oh! and by the way, this is not a sponsored post. All of these products are just, well, good! So I wanted to share them with you.

Okay NOW let's jump in!


First up is Lush's No Draught Dry Shampoo. This all natural product makes the time between showers seem not quite so greasy. It smells really good, but not too fragrancy, so even Tim likes it. You just massage a little into your scalp and Voilà! You don't look or feel quite as much like a grease ball!

Price: 1.9oz. $ 9.95

4.6oz. $17.95

Here is the link : No Drought Dry Shampoo


#2 Shampoo Bar

This little gem is crucial when traveling in a truck! I've had too many shampoo bottles explode or leak out all over everything in the truck. This little wonder prevents that. It's like a good ol' fashion bar of soap, but it's made for your hair. They have all different types, and scents. Plus they also have conditioner bars (called pressed conditioner). You can grab the handy little tins they sell to store them in and one bar lasts about 80 washes (for us they seemed to last way longer, so I guess it depends on how much hair you have etc). Since I found these bars, it's all I/we use (Another product Tim is a fan of too). Oh! And bonus there is no guilt using them in nature because they are all natural!

Price: $11.95 - $14.95

Here is the link: Shampoo Bars


#3 Leaf Razor

Okay I can't keep saying each item is my favorite because these are all favorites...but this might be my favorite...It's an odd thing to be excited about because it's just a razor...well it's not just ANY razor it's a Leaf razor. Leaf Shave has made the razor I have been waiting for! It's perfect for those of us who have limited space appreciate a quality product and like to reduce waste. So let me give you a quick explanation of what makes this razor unique: first it's reusable and second it uses safety razor blades (they have always been made to break in half...WHO KNEW?!) So you take a safety razor blade break it in half and slide them into this razor. Check out their website if you want more detail on how the razor works. You get a three blade shaver with a pivoting head that is truly the best shave I have ever had. It's expensive up front (compared to disposable razors) but it quickly pays for itself when the only thing you have to continually purchase are the blades. To give you an idea of how affordable safety razor blades are, you can get a pack of 100 blades (that's 200 edges) on Amazon for $6.99. So I can't recommend this product enough. Even if you're not traveling in a truck this one is a worthy purchase! Okay now if you're like me you're excited about a razor! Who woulda thought!?

Price: $79

Here is the link: Leaf Razor


#4 Menstrual Cup

Getting personal here but this is a good product that is perfect for those of you dealing with a period while traveling. This is another product that is a huge space and money saver. And if nothing else is a great thing to carry for those surprise visits from aunt flow. A menstrual cup (such an awful name) essentially takes the place of a tampon. I will say it takes some getting used to, so use it before it's your only option, (it can be frustrating at first). There are a lot of brands, sizes, types, so do some research on what may work best for you but it's something that I didn't realize was even an option, so there you go!

Price: $16.99

Here is the link: Menstrual Cup


#5 SheWee

Another unsavory but essential product for women traveling. If you have ever been jealous of how guys have it so much easier in the bathroom department while camping - then look no further. You will no longer have to walk 3 miles away from camp to find a place where you can pop a squat. There are again many different brands and options, so doing a quick search to see what your choices are is probably the best way to go. I have included the link for the one I have below.

And now we are about to get real personal, and I will thoroughly gross some of you out but I think it is worth sharing. So here it goes...if you sleep in a roof top tent, ground tent, or a vehicle without a proper bathroom. Pairing a SheWee with a soft sided Nalgene will make your life so much easier (think middle of the night). Yup there you have it, seems gross but in reality it's not. Clean it out with some bleach water and Bobs your uncle.

Price: SheWee $24.42

Soft Sided Nalgene. $12.25

Here is the link: SheWee


#6 enso Silicone Ring

Last but not least another favorite! And this one won't even gross anyone out! It's just a silicone ring. The reason I like these specific rings, which are made by enso Rings, is because they have a line of metallic (looking) rings. The product as well as the customer service is great. These rings have a lifetime warranty, which seems insane for a silicone ring, but I can confirm it's true, no crazy hoops to jump through, they just send you a new ring. We started using them because of the safety and comfort while mountain biking but soon found ourselves wearing these rings most of the time. It has paid off for Tim while working on trucks and motorcycles a few times too. (If you want to be freaked out about wearing metal rings google "degloving"). Lastly I personally don't like traveling with expensive or flashy jewelry. So this product is an all around win!

Price: $39.99

Here is the link: enso Ring


That's it! Hopefully you find this info and these products useful! Let me know what you think and thanks for taking the time to read this post!

We also made a video about these products. You can check that out here:



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