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We realized we wish we had someone experienced to chat with before we left on our big adventure. Someone who had done just what we were dreaming of doing. Be it how to start working towards leaving,  vehicle setup, first aid, border crossings, relationships on the road, female camping questions, or any of the other thousands of what if's we had in our heads as we planned and worked towards our dream of hitting the road.

Vehicle Setup

Feeling overwhelmed in setting up a vehicle for full-time travel? Have questions on how to set up your vehicle for extended travel?

Traveling as a team

Traveling together in tight quarters through some very stressful situations can be tough. We have learned a lot over the years and would love to share any tips or tricks we have picked up traveling as a team.


What safety concerns do you have? What do you carry to keep you safe? First aid kit? What can you expect from border crossings? 


From Tool Kits to fridges we can talk through your needs and what the best setup might be for you. 

Female Camping Questions

It can be intimidating for a female to take on living in a vehicle.  If you need some girl talk it can be arranged. I (Kelsey) want the women to leave on their big adventure feeling confident and comfortable with how everything works . 

All the other What if's

Language? Budget? Is it worth spending money on this or that? Paid camps? Where do I get food?  

We will consult with you to help make sure you leave feeling prepared and confident and have the best setup for your needs. 

Hourly Rates

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