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We want to work with you!

We are always interested in partnering with like minded companies. 

We are constantly asked for our opinion on a myriad of products from clothing to recovery gear. As we teach and share our adventures through social media we want to be able to recommend the best to our students and fans. We do our research and only recommend the best products out there. So we are reaching out to you because we think yours is one of those products that we would like people to know about. 

Who we are

We are a couple who is taking a break from average and traveling for a year in our truck. We will be documenting through vlogs blogs and social media as we jump into this big journey together. We are also off-road driving instructors in several capacities, so we run into the opportunity to test gear and share our opinions often.

Want to know more about us?

Who we reach

As we interact with students and the off-road / travel community we are often asked for recommendations or thoughts on products. 
  • Instagram
  • Teaching: Overland Expo East and West.
  • YouTube: 2 videos per month minimum 
  • Blog: Updated after each trip or for product reviews etc.
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