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Hi! We are Tim and Kelsey. Two dreamers, reaching for the stars! Seven years ago we sold everything, quit our jobs, and hit the road! Since then we have been on the road full-time (literally...we have no house to go back to) so we are traveling the world and sharing it all on YouTube and Instagram.


Our passion is reaching remote destinations and experiencing different cultures, enjoying nature, and living this one life we have to the fullest. We know life is too short and holds no guarantees, so we didn't want to wait to live the life we dreamt about. Now seemed like a pretty good time to pull up anchor and go.


For us, life is an adventure, and my oh my what an adventure it has been so far! Our goal in life, besides enjoying it, is to learn and to inspire others to follow their dreams. Really, you can do anything you set your mind to.


Traveling the world can seem like an intimidating task (It sure did to us). As we continue to explore and learn we will take you along for the journey to inspire, inform, and maybe just maybe flatten that learning curve for all those out there that want to make their dream a reality.


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