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Almost too afraid of that what if...


It’s the lines, the beauty, the passion that got me, it was compelling. As we drove it for the first time I understood - I knew it was special.


Ferdinand Porsche said, “Good design should be honest.

Honest, described this 1988 911 Porsche perfectly. It is a work of art and a driving machine - that’s it.

Growing up I dreamed more about horses than cars (although I did have an awesome hot wheels collection that I would spend hours building dirt cities for in my backyard). I was slightly obsessed with anything and everything equine related. I drew horses, I played with model horses, I wanted to learn everything there was to know about horses, I even pretended to be one.

I remember how I felt when I got my 9 year old self’s dream horse (at the age of 25). At first I had the tiniest thought of what if I got a horse? Yet I knew it did not make sense in any way, other than I have ALWAYS wanted (dreamed) of getting that trusty steed (and that is a silly reason right?) I was lucky enough to have someone say to me, “Maybe it’s not so crazy? Maybe you should go for it?” That was enough to get me scheming on just how I could actually get that wild stallion of my dreams.

My kind of risk is usually very calculated (sometimes this is good...and sometimes it’s not) Why is allowing oneself to entertain actually making a dream happen so scary? of my biggest fears is failure. What if my dream is not everything I hoped it would be? Then what?

Well I took the leap, I got the horse, he stole my heart (even more than I imagined). He will forever hold a piece of me and will always be one of my favorite memories...and to think I was almost too afraid of the what if!

So when the opportunity presented itself for my husband to acquire his dream car. I saw in him that tiny little thought, just like I had had with my horse. I saw the passion he had for this vehicle, the dreams of a little boy that still held on. I got it. This was his wild stallion…”So why not?! Is it really that crazy?” I said.

With that we plunged in head first. We decided even before buying the 911 that it would be a forever car - we will replace engines, transmissions, whatever. this car was a commitment. Like I said calculated risk is my kind of risk (and luckily my other half’s as well) so we had a pre-purchase inspection done - I am not sure if the inspection made it less scary or more...ignorance can be bliss. All things considered, for an older car, it was doing well. So we said “I do” to the 911 and now the stallion was in our barn. (the simile would be more appropriate if I was referring to a Ferrari I know).

Instantly my husband’s love for this 911 was even more apparent, it was now his, and like a concerned parent I watched Tim worry about every little noise, rock chip, and shimmy. Doing all the preventative maintenance and much needed regular maintenance. We spent many days in the garage sweating and praying for any hint of a breeze. We toiled away in the middle of a Phoenix summer giving our new friend some much needed TLC.

Like an adopted dog, Condor, was excited and thankful to get this new life. He was no longer forgotten and ignored and he showed his gratitude by being an extremely reliable little car. He even took us, without any issues, 3,500 miles up the coast of California into Oregon for our honeymoon. So like my dream horse the dream car has proven to be one of the best calculated risks we have taken thus far. Condor will forever be apart of our story….and to think we were almost too scared of the what if!


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