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Mini-trip Report: Nature doesn't care...

Nature doesn't care...


...about your problems and that’s what makes it perfect.

(Ben, as in Ben Hur, the Gladiator. He’s a 1977 Jeep J10, but with the older Gladiator style grill.)

(This is a 1913 WInchester 1894 in 30-30 with a 26" octagonal barrel that was Dennis’s Great Grandpas. There is a notch on the stock for every deer it’s bagged. It will have to wait another year before adding a notch.)

As I was sitting under a tree last weekend before daybreak I was thinking about why I love being outside so much. Not just outside of buildings, but outside of cities. It’s where we belong.

To be in a city is a catering of convenience, a representation of what the human mind wants the world to be. In many ways it’s exactly what we want, in others it’s a perversion of what we think is best that ends up poisoning and killing us.

I’m not anti city. I’m not anti technology. Just that once in a while, sit under a tree, before sunrise and watch the planet come to life. Watch it wake up. It puts into perspective how insignificant all of our thoughts, concerns and plans are. It’s my religion I guess you could say.

I’m fully aware of the contradiction of all the gear and technology we take with us. It doesn’t bother me, but if even for a second to enjoy the lack thereof.

If you’re stuck in an office today like me, make some plans (No matter how inconvenient) to get outside soon!!

(Quality time with the wife for our 1 year wedding anniversary. She can spot game like no one I’ve ever met. My Sacagawea)

(I don’t see jack. What about you? Yah, I was thinking it was time for a beer too...)

(I love this old truck. Ben will be a good pal for Dennis.)

Sum total for the weekend? We saw a lot of Does, a lot of Javelina, a Fox, Hawks and a lot of harvested deer by hunters who could make opening weekend (Darn friend’s wedding!). We were a week late, but at least by the fresh bones left over we’ve finally found a good area within this unit to hunt... on OPENING weekend, next year. Really though, I don’t care, this is just an excuse to hang out with a buddy and not worry about making miles or progress of any sort.


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