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I come back to reality after a few minutes of losing my thoughts to a photo, staring and smiling to myself, reliving in my head the very moment captured in the scene in front of me. How intricate our memories are...They say a picture speaks a thousand words, I think I can come up with about 20,000 along with a million feelings, and hundreds of stories. I am being taken back to how I felt in that moment - I was cold, happy, carefree, I noticed this or that, you made me laugh, how very warm I felt inside, the sounds, the smells. That view! and wow! the day leading up to that! I have a “video” in my mind's eye that rolls along like an old movie, warm and familiar, everything adds up to make that moment.

I struggle often in writing to convey moments how they felt to me. But these are my moments, I can’t fully share them and when it comes down to it I am okay with that, they are mine! A moment is only caught and fully able to be experienced, then, in the moment! It will never be again. They are impossible to recreate and no matter how much explanation goes into describing them they cannot be experienced outside of that single moment. How magical is that...

My favorite part of a moment is that someone else can indeed share it with you but they must be there. The only person who can look at this same picture and understand that moment is the other person who was in...that moment. By sharing a moment it becomes richer, each person brings their own unique perspective, their own set of feelings, sights, and sounds to accompany that picture.

Our honeymoon was full of our moments, as it should be. When trying to capture even a portion of those moments to share with others I simply can’t, it feels unauthentic. I like my writing most when it scares me a little, because it is me, I am putting myself out there. Until now I can usually get to a point in my writing where I am happy with how the moment is conveyed. As I stare down at this picture and these words I come to the conclusion that some moments simply cannot be conveyed, no matter how hard you try they are just beyond words. I have never felt that until now, so instead of trying to capture these moments for others I will just keep them. They are beyond my skill or desire to share. Plus my favorite part of these memories is that I shared them with someone I want to share every moment with and that makes me happy.

In our world of over-sharing, the moment remains illusive.


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