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Aravaipa Canyon Wilderness: Day 3

Happy New Years day!

We were moving... slowly. We made coffee, then we made more coffee. Then later we sat underneath our tarp awning and drank some more coffee.

After we loaded up we started our long muddy drive back to pavement. During the trip out we crossed the river 10 or 15 times. It felt like 50, but it was fun and absolutely beautiful.

It was one of those drives where you look at each other and realize you sound like idiots.

“Wow, WOW.... oh wow. Look, wow!”

It’s always nice when the water is low enough to not stress out on each crossing. We threw caution to the wind and went a bit faster than necessary and giggled like idiots.

Some local horses, they were shoe’d so they weren’t wild.

They knew where to go and get food.

This old church was amazing. Adobe brick. Just the local family church.

Wild Turkey running around. These were the biggest Turkey I’d seen in AZ.

That’s a wrap. Already planning and looking towards the next adventure. This area was absolutely beautiful, but you ever have a trip that just feels “off”, that was this one. I can’t explain it exactly, but instead of a wild carefree adventure it just felt different. Still, there is no place I’d rather be than on a dirt road not knowing what I’ll see around the next corner. It’s my happy place.

Until next time,



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